Biomedical Ontologies

Biomedical Ontologies

An ontology, in computer science, is an explicit unambiguous naming of entitites and the relationship between those entities in a domain of interest. The domain of interest is sometimes also called a portion of reality.

Ontologies and Artificial Intelligence

Ontologies and Machine Learning

The world of ontologies has remained distinct from machine learning in some significant ways. To be sure, there are many machine learning algorithms [citation] that induce an ontology from the statistical properties of a text. This is an impressive technical demonstration that misses the point. Those ontologies usually describe the syntax but miss the semantics.

Ontology creation de novo is very difficult and, in my experience, too brittle to be extended by anyone except the developing team.

I think that there is an unexplained relationship between ontologies to contrain the logic formalism component of Markov Logic networks.

Developing an Ontology of Opioids

One research goal is to

What is a class?

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